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News Music Now is the premier destination for U.S. television stations to find the right music package for their market and station. We are the only website to provide centralized resources and information from all of the broadcast music publishers. Our goal is to create a simple and effective connection between music companies and their clients.

We have custom audio production and editing capabilities, provide brand consultation and music selection services, and offer a no-cost library of theme references. Everything here is custom-prepared. Our staff has a vast amount of industry experience and most of all, we know news music – we have what it takes to bring your sonic brand to the next level.

We provide every service your station could possibly need to find music that will be a perfect match for your market and station. We hope you find News Music Now an invaluable tool for your station or creative agency!

Visit the Local Music page for more detailed information or the Contact page for a list of the services we offer. Thanks for visiting the number one source for TV news music online!

–News Music Now Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How does News Music Now source its music?

News Music Now has been fortunate to receive contributions of material from professionals in the broadcasting industry. We do not receive the majority of our material from the publishers themselves.

How can I help News Music Now?

Thanks for asking! We always appreciate the contribution of news packages and cue sheets from our visitors. We rely on broadcasting industry professionals to keep our site updated with the highest-quality content.

How is News Music Now legal?

News music material is posted with the acknowledgment and often, the permission, of the publishers. All material on News Music Now is provided under the Fair Use doctrine (U.S. Code: Title 17, Section 107) for the purposes of comment, criticism, research, teaching, and scholarship. We have taken steps to ensure that news music is not used for any purposes other than those mentioned above. Some of the steps include watermarking all full-length cuts, uploading samples at a maximum of 128 Kbps, and posting copyright notices throughout the site. All works have been attributed to their respective owners.

Why the chirp?

News Music Now takes both the interests of news music afficionados and publishers very seriously. The chirp exists to allow us to add news music cuts to the library in their entirety. The rights of the publishers must also be protected - the chirp ensures that cuts can be easily identified if they are used publicly without a license.

What services does News Music Now provide to stations?

If your station is considering new news music, we are happy to help in the decision process. We have been operating the site for over 15 years and have extensive knowledge of the news music packages on the market. Please check out the resyncs on our YouTube page for examples of some of the work we have done. Services we can provide at no cost: -A list of syndicated packages that fit your station's needs and market position -Cut selection for your new or existing news package -- including custom edits of cuts -- we'll create a playlist that is ready for air -Synchronization of news music to your graphics (including sample voiceover and sound effects) Best of all, we offer all of this for free!

Can I purchase a news package for my broadcast?

News music packages are typically licensed to users, rather than sold. This ensures that the writers and publishers are fairly compensated for royalties as their music is used. Some production music is royalty-free (user pays once for usage rights with no ongoing fees) but this is generally not the case with news music. Please reach out to the publisher if you wish to license news music.

Can I purchase a news package for personal use?

Unfortunately, most news music is only made available within the broadcast industry. Relatively few broadcasters, such as NBC News and BBC News have made their music available for sale to the public.

How do music licenses work?

When music is used publicly, a user must secure performance rights. Performing rights can cover music that is played in a public location, broadcast on TV/radio, used in a movie, or streamed over a digital service. News music publishers and writers often have agreements with a performance rights organization (PRO) such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. The PRO handles music licensing, copyright enforcement, and collects royalties on their behalf. News music performing rights are generally granted through a "blanket license", which gives broadcasters the most flexibility in using a news package. Because a given package can contain numerous themes and mix-outs which are often used on different programs throughout the day, it would be impractical to track licensing on a per-track/per-use basis.

How do I license a news package and how much will it cost?

News Music Now does not own copyrights for music and thus, we cannot speak on each publisher's licensing process. Secure a blanket license for a news music package will vary depending on the audience size, delivery method (broadcast, webcast, presentation, etc.), and duration of the contract. If there is a news music package you wish to license, please reach out to that publisher's sales representative for more information. Navigate to a demo sampler on the News Music page to find out who to contact.

Can you send me cuts for my personal use?

Sorry, but News Music Now is not the copyright owner and we cannot distribute any news music.

May I use news music for a broadcast or project?

Sorry, but News Music Now is not the copyright owner and thus, we cannot grant permission to use news music. News music requires a license for use. Please contact the publisher's sales representative for help in licensing a news music package.

Copyright Information

We believe all copyrighted material on News Music Now to be covered under Fair Use (U.S. Code: Title 17, Section 107).

Materials belonging to our partnering companies are posted with permission and in many cases, the works are provided to us by the owners. We stake no claim to ownership or original composition of any of the works used, whether specifically identified or not.

(1) News Music Now provides reference material on syndicated, custom, and legacy news packages for TV stations to listen to, providing both educational and historical value;

(2) News Music Now has various measures in place to prevent redistribution or misuse of copyrighted material: all recordings [with the exception of montages] are posted at 64 Kbps (well below CD-quality) to ensure that the recordings are unsuitable for any purpose other than as a reference tool;

(3) News Music Now only features a small amount of each copyrighted work, just enough to provide ample references for each package;

(4) News Music Now does its best to maintain amicable relations with all of our copyright holders. This is not always possible, however, in cases where the companies are defunct or contact information is not made available. All sales we may initiate are passed directly to the copyright owners;

The materials found on News Music Now are not to be used in any form other than their intended use – as reference material. Redistribution, re-engineering, or broadcasting material posted on this site, without express permission of the copyright owners, is strictly prohibited.

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