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For more than two decades we've been creating dynamic, memorable, award-winning custom news theme packages and promotional music for television clients across the country and abroad. From full, live orchestral productions to the latest, cutting edge sounds we deliver music that's fresh, powerful and effective. Have a listen to our samples then let us tell you how we can deliver the sound that's right for your station.

News Music Sampler

  1. Hearst-Argyle News Theme - We began this ongoing project for Hearst-Argyle Television in 2003. It represents our largest effort to date - a fifty piece live symphonic group of Colorado's finest musicians augmented by our state of the art electronic music facilities.
  2. New Millennium - Composed and produced by Geoff Koch, featuring an angular and memorable theme melded with both contemporary textures and traditional instrumentation. 14 Themes, over 150 cuts.
  3. Urban News - Funky and fresh, destined to be a hit with Millennials
  4. XTreme News - Contemporary news theme with strong percussion
  5. Impact I - Hard hitting, high impact news theme
  6. Impact II
  7. Prime News
  8. Spirit News
  9. Image X
  10. Image IX
  11. Image VIII

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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